GFI India Update

Ministries to individuals

Individuals and couples have been counseled in person and by zoom in Kerala and also Bangalore.

Other Programs:


In my Church I am the General Coordinator of Ministry of Revival and Empowerment… My interest to involve in the Church is to pass on the Exchange Life message to the grass root level…

Prayer Cell: As a first step we could form one of the Departments under MRE, the Prayer Cell after deliberations over 4 months and we have formed a Prayer Warriors WA Group of 256 members for daily and weekly and monthly special prayers. The members all are the Bishops, Pastors, Evangelists, Women workers, Youth and Sunday School workers… We convey prayers concerns every now and then to the members but on every Tuesday between 9:30 to 10:30 p.m. We circulate a special prayer letter, mostly related to spiritual awakening of the ministers and the congregations. The Core Group of the main officials of about 25 have Zoom prayers every alternate Tuesday…

The Discipleship and Mentoring Department (DMD):
Pray that the Department has a dedicated and active young Pastor is chosen as Director and continue the ministry we have launched in large scale at Vagamon. We conducted a few ELS in different areas in the past. Now it must be re-started.

UESI National Counseling Volunteers Group:
In the context of the lockdown due to Covid19, UESI Counseling Cell opened a ministry to those who are in need in the UESI fellowship and also outside, under frustrations, depression and anxieties. This is not sufficiently effective as secular people are doing. Another issue is that, even after claiming to be Evangelicals with 66 Books of Bible as the basis of our belief system, life and ministry, most of these members are after the secular systems in contradiction to the Word of God. After my present heavy responsibilities, I would like to take sessions on spiritual and Scriptural concerns through the Zoom platform. As a first step, we are trying to get our former trainees under GCI and DMD of MRE of the Church and the new generation UESI folks across the country to participate in the two program GFII initiated by Joesam for 19th & 26th September with John Woodward and Don Steve. Since GCI/GFII is member of Indian Mission Association (IMA) with over 300 organisations we will send the program details to the member missions of IMA. Registrations is already started.

[Editor’s note: These two webinars were conducted and now available at ]

 MACE EU Exchanged Life Seminar and Training:

On August 22nd I started with Identity for the students and graduates of the EU of the Institution I was teaching for 32 years till 1998. I am still the Senior Adviser to them. I wanted to see if the students and young graduates will be interested to continue. I had good response from the participants of the Zoom Conference and I am asked to continue the ELS and I hope to continue to train some in the EL ministry.

GCI Centre, Kottayam (Kerala state):
So far we were doing the ministry staying at homes. In spite of the limitations. But we opened the ministry and functioning of the Kottayam base in September by Johnsons staying there. We can do ministry through the media platforms and also small programs through people assembling at the centre. The long pending renovation work of the buildings need to be started immediately, 20 years without much maintenance after the construction of the buildings and developed the Campus. 


After Rev. Kuruvila Joseph took charge of the ministry staying in Tripura, there is a good progress in the outreach ministry and training of the local Missionaries. I booked the flights to visit Tripura from 30th March with a 4 member team, but was cancelled when the lockdown was announced on 23rd March and still there are no flights directly to Agartala. Even if flights are resumed, I will not be allowed to make the visit as I am over 77 years. Senior citizens are not allowed to travel like that. But I am thinking about starting ELS through Zoom programs but there are two problems, one of the purchase of Android Mobile phones for all the workers and other believers who are available to be taught. The other major issue is the lack of internet access to most of our mission fields. Once the workers are able to meet together in a place where there is active internet access, we can do that. Pray for this. 

Local Church Ministry:
We conduct regular worship programs on Sundays and weekly fellowship meetings on Zoom platform. Also some of us go to church and pray at some time. We plan some outreach work also though Zoom in addition to our Pastor and I presently making visits to homes for encouraging the members, having difficulties for the children in their studies, and financial crisis .

GFII Support & FCRA: We are still praying about getting the FCRA permission from the Govt. for receiving the funds GFI allotted to GCI and GFII. Since we are not yet sure about getting permission, we need to plan differently to meet the needs of GFII and renovation work at Kottayam…

In His Grace and Love

John Zachariah

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This site is edited by John Woodward M.Div., D.Min, who serves as Director of Counseling and Training at Grace Fellowship International in Pigeon Forge, TN
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