Men Under Construction

A synopsis the GFI/Men Under Construction ministry

by Steve Ranz

Revision Church – Urbandale, Iowa
Darren & I have completed going through the book, “How to Exchange Your Life for a New One” with 2 groups of men. We are looking for some of them to lead other groups of men through the same material using the “script” we have developed.Darren continues to grow the impact of the “Exchanged Life”  message with other men at Revision.

Minnesota Correctional Facility — Faribault, Minnesota
I have 2 men that I mentor in this facility (Been working with one since 2011 and the other since 2012).  One of the men has used our materials to lead some groups through an “Identity In Christ” class. He works closely with the  facility Chaplain and put me in touch with him. We have sent the Chaplain the For Me To Live Is Christ videos and workbook.
The one man I mentioned above is planning to take Pastoral classes through the Global University program. He would like to  be a pastor at a Salvation Army facility upon his release. He has read the Handbook to Happiness,  The Ins And Outs of 
Rejection, and The New Life books.We supply study Bibles to the prison Chaplain for him to give to a men who have accepted Jesus and want to grow in their walk with Jesus. And we have purchased specific Bibles for other men in this facility. We recently purchased a guitar for a Christian inmate so he can join the worship team. I have received a number of personal letters from men who are so grateful to have received one of these Bibles.

GFI Prison Ministry  
I have begun to develop a one-to-one mentoring ministry to inmates (been slowed by Covid19).  I was asked by one of the men I mentor to see if we could get more men to work one-on one with others inside the prison walls. These volunteers would visit on a monthly basis to develop a relationship with the inmate and guide him in his walk with Jesus. I have one man who wants toparticipate as a mentoring our ministry. This will be a strong focus for me and I am very excited to see what God has in store.  

Promise Keepers is looking to make some new impact under the leadership of Ken Harrison. We are looking to partner with themand develop ways to get the “Exchanged Life” message out to the men to which they minister.  John Woodward and I had a phone meeting with the PK Team that develops relationships with other ministries.

We now have a website with the name Men Under Construction. We also have visibility on social media as we are looking to take the “Exchanged Life “ to men via zoom meetings and video resources.

We are looking to grow this discipleship effort as the Holy Spirit directs and effects. As it grows we look to have men join us in taking our message to other men. 

About gfiworld

This site is edited by John Woodward M.Div., D.Min, who serves as Director of Counseling and Training at Grace Fellowship International in Pigeon Forge, TN
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