Aaron Kim – YouTube Ministry

It has been 2 years since the Lord started to use the youtube ministry to comfort and set free the severely afflicted. It has not slowed down for 2020. The Holy Spirit continues to somehow bring these youtube videos to the right people at the right time. There have been many viewers who have testified they came to the end of themselves, and not knowing what to do they desperately cried out to God for help. Then shortly after, they somehow found the videos and were ultimately delivered from their afflictions; many of whom were led to receive counseling from Grace Fellowship International.

For example, a Christian, college student living in India was severely suffering from mental afflictions and was planning to end her life by jumping off a bridge into a river (she cannot swim). Before doing so, she researched on youtube to try and figure out whether a Christian would go to heaven or hell after committing suicide. Instead, the Lord led her to the videos. Over a few weeks, she not only abandoned her plans to end her life, but she was on fire for the Lord and full of hope and joy. She shared with me about 8 months later that she led her mom and dad to a genuine, saving relationship with Jesus. The devil tried to destroy her, but God had a deliverance plan.

As I observed and watched God work in this ministry over the last 2 years, I realized people came to healing and freedom not by any clever strategy, articulate speaking, or mind tricks, but by simply taking God at His word. When those in bondage finally surrendered and trusted in God’s word with a humble child-like faith, their chains fell off. It was their faith in His promises that made them well.

I do not know what plans God has for this ministry going into 2021, but I know it is good. May our Father guide, equip, and bless you all.

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This site is edited by John Woodward M.Div., D.Min, who serves as Director of Counseling and Training at Grace Fellowship International in Pigeon Forge, TN
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