Charles Ambaka – Kenya update

We are keeping well by the grace of God each new day. As we pray and look to the Lord for divine intervention and direction of continuity of ministry despite the challenges caused by the pandemic,  we thank God that we are still able to reach out to those that the Lord has continued to bring into our path. 

I have had to postpone seminar trips to Eswatini ( formerly Swaziland), Tanzania and Uganda. 

Am now concentrating on mentoring spiritual sons, daughters and families here, United Kingdom, Nepal and India through WhatsApp video calls and personal visits here in Kenya. Many Believers and Church Leaders that have attended our training in the Himalayas are going through a very difficult time, with many requesting for prayer and support.

My wife Judy and I have been busy reaching out and ministering to young couples and individuals.  Many are going through untold crisis and are reaching out to us for counselling. It is very evident that the Exchanged Life Message remains the key and foundation–living our daily lives depending on the indwelling Christ life in us. Many are coming to the end of themselves as we counsel and share with them.  There is no better time than the times we are living in where everything that people the world over had made their hope and foundation has crumpled–whether in their personal lives or careers.  Many here are crying for help and solutions. 

As we share the Christ Centred message,  many are finding victory and rest in Him. We give glory to God Almighty and look forward to a new dawn of taking this Message to people and areas that have not been reached. May the healing of God visit all nations. My wife and I remain committed and dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ and this commission of reaching out to many here and across the nations. Shalom! 

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This site is edited by John Woodward M.Div., D.Min, who serves as Director of Counseling and Training at Grace Fellowship International in Pigeon Forge, TN
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